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Cat, cats, kitty.

Welcome to Torquay and Surf Coast Cat Resort. Your cat’s holiday home while you are away.


You are going on holidays and you don’t know what to do about your fur baby? Bring your cat to Torquay & Surf Coast Cattery and we will ensure they get the love and attention they deserve.

Around the clock!

Throughout the day and night, we are caring for your cat.  Your cat will be fed delicious meals and will have regular play dates with our staff. We will ensure your cat has a great time while you are away.

About Us

The Ryan family has loved and cared for animals for many years and will enjoy caring for your cat.


Torquay and Surf Coast Cattery was established in 2002.  The cattery was the  first registered Cattery in the Surf Coast Shire.  The cattery is built on our acreage along Grossman’s Road.  We are on site so security is not an issue.  We have installed a surveillance system to ensure the safety of your pets.  These security cameras are monitored off site as well.



Torquay and Surf Coast Cattery is a family business. Darina is a Veterinary nurse and  husband Denis a Veterinarian.   If any of our precious boarders  have any veterinary issues, or become ill while staying with us, we call on the vets  from Torquay Animal House  to offer advice and treat them. Fiona has been working at the cattery for  years and is very experienced when it comes to looking after your pets. Marita has extensive experience when it comes to animal care as well. When we go away, the cattery is very lucky to have nurses from Torquay Animal House Vets come to look after them. The beauty  of this is that more often than not the nurses know the cats and their owners so everyone feels happy that their precious cats have consistency with care.  Even the more anxious cats settle in very well.

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