Stress Reduction at our Cattery for Geelong

If you are planning to go away on holiday and leaving your feline friend at our Cattery for Geelong, it’s important to keep your schedule as normal as possible beforehand so you don’t alarm your kitty! Remember to feed your cat at the usual times and let us know when you drop your kitty at our Cattery for Geelong their usual times of feeding.

Make sure to keep your own stress at a minimum. Cats are very clever, and they can sense if you are anxious or upset. If they sense something is wrong, they will pick up on your stress, and it will stress your cat out too, it can sometimes make a difference to your kitty if you wear an item of clothing of yours to leave behind, so we can wrap you kitty in your familiar smell.  It wouldn’t be good terms to part on if your kitty and yourself are stressed. Do your best to keep your own schedule as normal as possible Kitty will notice all the extra shopping trips and the unavoidable chaos that accompanies the preparation to go away.

Another tip to use in order to keep your cat as calm as possible before you go on holiday is to pack slowly. Up to 2 weeks before you go away, set out your suitcases, and their cat carrier, then slowly over the two weeks fill your suitcases with everything you will need. This gives your pet plenty of time to investigate and accept the change in their own time and get used to the idea that kitty will be going on holidays too at our Cattery for Geelong.  It also means you will avoid frantic packing as your holiday date approaches, minimising the stress on both you and your cat.

For more information about our Cattery for Geelong, please feel free to contact us on 52619431, or send us an email to [email protected].