Cat Boarding Surf Coast

What greater gift than the love of a cat.

Short and long-term options

Whether you’ve booked a spontaneous weekend away or a month-long international holiday, Torquay & Surf Coast Cattery provides both short-term and long-term stay options for your furry friends. We understand the stress that comes with finding trusted accommodation for your cat, which is why we provide clients in Geelong and Torquay with a reliable and safe boarding cattery on the Surf Coast, that is flexible to their needs. For full-day, overnight, weekly and monthly stays that you can rely on, we have got you covered.


If you want your cat to feel right at home, the suites at Torquay & Surf Coast Cattery will have them so comfortable that they may not even want to leave! All rooms inside our cat hotel are equipped with high-quality split system air conditioners that are regularly maintained throughout the year. During the wintertime, our furry guests are provided with microwavable heat pads and electric blankets to keep them warm.

Regular one-on-one attention

Is your cat a little needy and needs their dose of daily affection?  Well rest assured that they will get all the love they need during their stay at Torquay & Surf Coast Cattery. To say that our team are cat-lovers is an understatement. We live and breath all things cats, and will ensure that your fur baby gets the attention and love they deserve. Daily cuddles and kisses included.

Vet on call

Taking care of your cat does not just mean feeding them and giving regular cuddles, but involves being responsible for their health and safety. Thanks to our close partnership with Torquay Animal House Veterinary Clinic and Hospital, we have the trained professionals on call in the case of a medical emergency. Rest assured that if something occurs, we are able to handle it and give your cat the best chance of remaining safe and healthy, ready for you to return home.

Home comforts

We do everything in our power to ensure that your cat feels safe and comfortable while on holiday at Torquay & Surf Coast Cattery. If your cat is on a prescription diet, that caters to conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease or for weight loss, you are welcome to bring this along with your cat for their stay. This extends to their favourite treats as well! If your pet has an attachment to their bed, you are also welcome to bring this along, provided that it has no evidence of flea faeces and that it has been washed prior to coming to the Cattery.

Around the clock care

While cats aren’t social animals by nature, our Cattery on the Surf Coast is so fun your cat may make some friends! At the very least they will be taken good care of by our lovable staff. Day or night, we provide around-the-clock care to our guests and ensure that they are feeling as comfortable and happy as possible. From regular play dates to being fed delicious and nutritious meals, your cat is guaranteed to have a great time while you’re away.

Inspections welcome

Before you make the decision on where to book your cat to stay while you are away, come on down to the Torquay & Surf Coast Cattery and see what all the fuss is about! We will happily tour you through our facilities and answer any questions you may have. We can’t wait to meet you!

To discuss accommodation options and boarding cattery rates please contact us.Contact