Fantastic cat hotel for Geelong felines

Luxurious holiday accommodation is all about good food, great service and excellent rooms – and that’s exactly what our cat hotel delivers for Geelong clients.

We want our four-legged feline guests to relax, soak up the atmosphere and revel in the attention from our staff during their stay. Whether they’re with us for one night or weeks, we roll out the red carpet and make sure they enjoy their holiday with our caring crew.

For many people, cats are an important part of their family. They’re treasured and loved. So when pet owners head away for work or for holidays, they need peace of mind that their pets are in good hands.

At Torquay & Surf Coast Cattery, we take great pride in providing the cat hotel Geelong pet owners can rely on for luxury accommodation.

While you enjoy fine dining during your escape, your cat will love our room service, with nutritious meals delivered to tantalise their tastebuds. When you settle back in your comfy accommodation after a day of sightseeing, your cat will be relaxing in a multi-level suite with climate control, heat pads and electric blankets for comfort.

And just as you expect housekeeping to keep your room neat and tidy, your cats deserve the same. Our experienced team maintains high standards of cleanliness and hygiene at our cattery, with suites serviced two times a day and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between guests.

Our feline visitors can expect:
• A safe and secure stay, with a surveillance system across the cattery monitored round the clock;
• Swift access to professional veterinary care if needed;
• Lots of love and attention from our staff;
• Quality bedding and toys in every suite. We also allow owners to bring along their pet’s bed if it makes their feline feel more comfortable. The bed must, of course, be freshly washed and free of fleas;
• And a range of accommodation options, including a family suite.

Just knowing your pet is happy, safe and cared for by professionals who love cats can be a huge weight off your shoulders. And it means you are free to have a great holiday yourself without worrying how your furry friend is coping in your absence – because they’ll be living the high life.

For more information about our cat hotel Geelong people can contact our friendly team on 03 5261 9431.