Aged Cat Boarding Geelong

This is Patrick.  He stayed with us recently and came to our cat boarding facility for Geelong, when his owner had to go to hospital and needed to have Patrick well looked after and cared for.

Patrick is 15-year-old cat and a very nice old boy.  Old cats tend not to groom themselves quite as well as younger cats, so here at our cat boarding home we start grooming the cat with a brush.  It is quite amazing how much hair cats can have.  At different times of the year cats will malt.

As it is with humans, when senior cats grow into old age, they tend to slow down, rest more and have more physical challenges. And just as our hair will lose its lustre as we age, so will a cat’s coat. In the case of our cats, however, it is not just the aging itself that makes the coat look less pretty. The senior cat tends to change his grooming habits, and that is where pet parents can step up and fill in the gaps.

Make grooming a pleasant experience. Pet your cat as you brush them and give them plenty of verbal praise or cat treats throughout the grooming session.  Make it a happy experience with your voice and your body language. Avoid doing certain things (like holding your cat down) that lead your cat to struggle to get away and potentially cause injury to both you and your cat. At our cat boarding facility for Geelong, if the cat doesn’t like grooming, it is important to do shorter sessions, so they become more comfortable with the process.

For more information about our cat boarding facility for Geelong, please feel free to contact us on 52619431, or send us an email to [email protected].