Happy Visitors at our Cattery for Geelong and the Surfcoast

Our Cattery for Geelong and the Surfcoast has remained open for the duration of the pandemic, as we are classed as essential services however, it is great to see cats coming back in to stay with us as restrictions have come off for now, and pet owners can get away to Regional Victoria again.

As we noticed a decline in accommodation requests during that time as pet owners had to stay home, around nine out of ten pet owners felt they had a high-quality relationship with their pets during the Pandemic. Almost half of all pet owners in Australia said that they now spend more quality time with their pets which is great, compared to before and during the pandemic. This may be due to continuing flexibility around working from home for many office workers, which no doubt our cats loved having people at home all the time.

Whilst the majority of owners didn’t notice any specific changes in their cats during the pandemic, those who did observe any differences were most likely to feel that their cats were more: playful (22%) or active (21%), as well as sleeping more (20%) and eating more (19%). Only a few owners with existing pets noticed any changes in their pets during lockdown. Notably, those with cats felt their pets had become friendlier and more ‘used to’ humans due to continued proximity.
We are so happy to have more of these wonderful cats back in with us while their owners enjoy a well earned break.

For more information about our Cattery for Geelong and the Surfcoast, please feel free to contact us by phone on 5261 9431, or send us an email – [email protected]